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This is a free custom YouTube client. It also includes Youtube revanced latest version Music, which lets users stream their ideal music genre. It is free from ads. You can install this app on rooted and non-rooted devices. As a builder, you can use it to build your own apps. You can play Music in the background while browsing another app. YouTube on your Android device. It is effortless to use and download.

It permits you to choose an old standard layout on the app if it is compatible with your device. With this app, debugging apply to your app and works to identify and fix relevant errors. It includes many features. Features like ad-free content, YouTube disapproval, background playback, sponsor block, and more. This permits users to disable Generic and video ads from the apps. It offers users app features and other extra mods.

Background playback:

With this app, you can continue to play audio from a video even after closing the app or locking your screen.

What is the Youtube Revanced?

Youtube ReVanced latest version is a third-party developer app. This is safe and secure for users. It gives the streamer with a brightness setting for dynamic range video on the app. Also, allowing users to view their content. Custom Branding Redefines open-source customization by giving users complete control over the interface. It lets you skip sponsored segments on every video on the app. YouTube ReVanced latest version is an updated project of the most loved Youtube Vanced latest version.

It offers core YouTube Vanished features. Also gives some impressive tweaks to keep the Vanished legacy alive. With this app, you can enjoy all the premium features of YouTube for free. There is a Revanced Music option .that gives you access to the excellent features of YouTube Music. Amoled provides the Revanced with a black theme like the dark mode of the original YouTube APK. This theme uses less power when displaying a dark background.


The features of Youtube Revanced are as follows.

Sponsor Block:

Sponsor Block is an open-source project. That excludes sponsor content and reminders in videos.

Old layout:

If you want to avoid using a brand new layout in your YouTube so, enable the old layout option.

Components of Shorts:

You can hide shorts components like the shorts button, shorts shelf, remix, and thanks.

Return Dislike:

This feature is an open-source project. That permits users to view the dislike count for each video.


MicroG allows users to log in to their Google accounts to retrieve subscriptions.


Use the whitelist option to view channel ads and sponsors. You can undo it whenever you want.

Swipe Controls:

Adds a swipe gesture to the video player. With it, you can control brightness and volume.

Premium Title:

No one can tell the difference b/w a Revanced and an original Premium unless you customize your homepage branding.

Hide creator watermark:

Watermarks permit creators to add their logo to every video on their channel. With this app, you can hide the brand image from all your videos.

Remove total screen panels:

This feature allows you to turn off the video description and comment box in full screen.

Repeat by default:

This saves users the hassle of going to their phone and restarting the video.

HDR Auto Brightness:

This app can play HDR videos in any auto-brightness mode supported by your device.

Enable debugging:

Bugs can sometimes cause your app to lag or generate various errors. This feature helps to fix the problem.

Downloading the video:

You can download videos from youtube vanced to your device for offline viewing. Its very easy you can watch them without a network connection.

Picture-in-picture mode:

It permits you to continue watching videos in a small window .while you use other apps on your device.

Customization options:

It will give a range of customization options, including changing the theme and other visual elements of the app.

Override video resolution:

With It, you can force ReVanced latest version to play videos at a specific resolution even if the video creator has set a lower quality.

Auto Replay:

This feature replays a video after completion without clicking the replay button.

Disable suggestions:

You can also turn off video suggestions on the home screen in the Recommended Videos section.

Google Play Services not required:

This app works on devices that don’t have Google Play Services. It is a popular choice for users who have rooted their Android devices.

Key Features:

It blocks all in-app advertising, including banner ads, video ads, and sponsored content.
It offers customization options. That permits users to personalize the app to their liking.
The dark theme of youtube vanced can help reduce eye strain, especially when using the app at night.
The app includes accessibility features such as text size change and colour inversion. It is easy to use for people with visual impairments.
This app also included extra options, such as forcing HDR mode or changing the codec used for video playback.


Is ReVanced latest version safe and secure to use?
The application is very safe and secure to use and download.

Can ReVanced latest version support a non-rooted device?
Yes, It is for rooted and non-rooted devices. suppose you want to use this app on your device without rooting. Then you can install the Microg app.

Is ReVanced free?
The Revanced app is 100% free for your Android phone.

How to download it?
We can download Revanced from our website.


Youtube ReVanced latest version has a bright future with all the opportunities. It has for YouTube users. It is a customizable official alternative to YouTube Vanced. Ads are annoying. With this app, you can remove ads from Home, Videos, and more. This is the best option to watch YouTube content without ads and with many features. It includes all the free parts without any hidden charges or premium plans. It has shown its potential by giving users the best experience of YouTube.